10 Ways to Murder Your Marriage

10 Ways to Murder Your Marriage
Mar 2023

As a child, I loved the game "Clue" (for a history of this game, see here). It was fun trying to figure out where the "murder" was committed, the weapon used, and ultimately, discover the suspect who committed the crime.

If we go on a search for the reasons behind many "murdered" marriages, we'll find many clues. According to Ephesians 5:31-32, Christian marriage is meant to be a picture of the love story of the Heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus, and His Bride, the Church. But Satan loves to distort and destroy that picture.

The "weapons" that kill off marriages vary, but if we surrender to God's wisdom and obey His Word, our marriages don't have to die. Let's look at some of the ways we might murder our marriages.

Photo credit: (C)Getty Images/fizkes