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Male Strippers and You


The history of male stripping, how it started, and what made it popular around the world phenomenon can just be evaluated by looking at a range of key events, which helped shape the male removing market to what it is today.


A lot of Adelaide Magicmen strippers use costumes, to role play, to satisfy our wildest fantasies, and mainly to entertain. Strippers will wear their outfits for phase shows and private performances, private efficiencies are likewise referred to as Strip-o-grams. Did you know, when booking a stripper, you can generally pick an outfit you would like, yes you heard!


Male strippers use a variety of all-time preferred costumes, you know the ones you have dreams about, I indicate, doesn’t every lady wish to be put in handcuffs off by a muscly, sexy, excellent smelling “Cop”? Somebody who will take control of a situation.

topless man sitting on bathtub



The Best Male Stripper Costumes Women Love


Why do men always look so good-looking in military uniforms and tuxedos? For starters, the long, lean appearance of these styles is enhanced by the use of a single colour from the leading to the bottom.


Timeless Bow Tie


This is the standard useful hunks uniform, a male stripper costume classic, and for an excellent reason. Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. And a hunky man dressed in nothing but some tight trousers and a bowtie is our preferred type of traditional. This can be performed in a couple of ways, possibly the trousers are swapped out for a skimpy apron, possibly the night begins with a shirt, it is your option! This is what you may want to stay with for a corporate occasion, or expensive hens night, however, it might be too uninteresting for girls with some secret fantasies.



Naked Butler


The naked butler or half-naked manservant ranks high up on the list of female dreams, plus it’s a simple look to accomplish. Go for a total stripper set service or develop your own special look. Try outfit design fighters or a thong teamed with a collar and cuffs.


The finishing touch is a waiting tray that you can use to bring breakfast in bed, champagne or perhaps some massage oils or candles for a sensual massage.

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