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Car Ceramic Coating – Do It Yourself

Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating is a do it yourself easy application kit. Use sparingly since single coat on two sedans is not sufficient, and multiple coats may not be required. Apply in thin layers, making sure that the base color is consistent with the exterior shade of the car. Condensed nanobotic particles with advanced crosslinking properties provide supreme high gloss, long lasting, smooth coating for your car’s paint.

Car owners have many choices when it comes to choosing their paint. A number of different types of paints are used for different purposes like interior, exterior, security and safety. The most common choice amongst car owners is the automotive grade paint. Car owners may also opt for a car restoration paint. For both, car owners need to consider some important factors such as the type of car, size of the area, color, texture, finish and the purpose of the paint. After all, the car’s color and finish are the last impressions you leave with your customers.

HOW TO Maintain a Ceramic Coated Car | Swirl Free Wash

Most cars are susceptible to fading due to UV rays, so you should always check the car’s finish for any signs of fading. This is also the time to apply the car’s color protection. You will need a quality sealant such as Tufflex, Finest Car Clean, etc.

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