How To Select A Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters are probably the most ideal approaches to slice through sheet metal, for example, steel, treated steel, metal, and aluminum. You can slice through metal with speed and exactness as it consumes the metal with plasma. We’ve composed a manual for the top interesting points while picking the correct plasma cutter for you.

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Cutting Speed

Knowing cutting speed for the thickness of the metal being sliced permits you to ascertain production rates, commonly in parts every hour. This guarantees that the cutting part of the operation doesn’t turn into a bottleneck. Numerous makers give cutting speed diagrams that permit you to analyze cutting speed performance. 

Choosing the Right Torch for a Plasma Cutter 

There are two basic kinds of plasma cutting torches. The most widely recognized torches are the high-frequency beginning frameworks that make a spark with a high-voltage transformer, capacitors, and spark-gap assembly. High-frequency torches have the benefit of not utilizing any moving parts and accordingly remain genuinely reliable. In any case, they do require incidental upkeep and may make electric noise that can meddle with PCs and other close by electrical hardware in your office, shop, or home.

Input Power/Electrical Outlet 

The kind of input power is one of the significant elements while choosing a plasma cutter model. Power output is corresponding to input power. 

  • What sort of electrical outlets does your job site, or workshop, or home compatible with? 
  • 110V, 120V, or 220V? 

Practically all the plasma cutters offer 30 amps at 110 V or 50 amps at 220V. The vast majority of the plasma cutters require a high intensity of power to perform effectively. 

Every plasma cutter has its own power prerequisites 110V or 220V. Some double voltage models highlight to deal with both. The capacity to switch between the two voltages is likewise an additional component of plasma cutters. 

Additionally, they likewise have amperage evaluations. Before purchasing a plasma cutter, you ought to consider that its base voltage and amperage prerequisite can be met by the electrical outlet accessible in your area. 

You may need to design the wiring relying upon which plasma cutter you select. Else, you won’t have the option to utilize it. 

Additionally, you should ensure about other electrical apparatuses are connected to a similar circuit or not. Assuming this is the case, that will draw extra power, bringing about diminished input power. 

Consequently, you should utilize a different circuit for the plasma cutter. 


While picking a plasma cutter, you need a machine that is top quality and will stand the trial of time. Plasma cutters aren’t cheap, so you need to ensure your buy endures and doesn’t separate when you’re dealing with something significant. Pick a confided brand from a confided retailer. 

Environment And Air Supply 

With Wind Tunnel Technology, the cooling air streams through the machine without blowing over the electronic parts, so pounding dust can’t settle on essential components. Fan-On-Demand implies the cooling fan runs just when required, lessening the measure of trash entering the unit. Concerning air supply, most makers of hand-held plasma cutters suggest utilizing common air as the cutting gas. In portable applications, contractors regularly select packaged nitrogen since it costs less than packaged air. When cutting tempered steel, a few people believe that nitrogen creates somewhat less oxidation, as it is drier than compacted air. 

These are only a few hints to assist you with finding your optimal plasma cutter. Happy plasma cutter shopping!

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