Early Learning Education Approaches: Their Varieties

Different teaching approaches might be viewed as age-suitable for teaching the Australian Curriculum in the early years of school. The educator’s part in sanctioning a range and balance of age-suitable instructional methods includes intentional, deliberate, and insightful decision-making and actions to advance children’s innate drive for independent learning. 

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So, before deciding on a school for your child, like Oakleigh grammar, here are some of the early learning education approaches that you should consider for your child:

Autonomous Educators Lead To Innovation

Educators must know about kids’ development about the content they’re instructing, about effective teaching practices, about the requirements and abilities of the kids in their classrooms, and about themselves. At the point when parents and the community trust and acknowledge teachers to carry out their responsibilities viably, instructors feel challenged and regarded. They gain pedagogical freedom which encourages more prominent imagination, pro-activity, and innovation dependent on the group. At the point when they work in groups, the nature of their educating is improved and the youngsters’ needs are better met. 

Vygotsky’s Theory (ZPD) 

Vygotsky’s commitment to early education teaching incorporates the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). It upholds three principles: 

  • Presence of somebody more educated than the student. 
  • Social activities with an Educator with whom the student can watch and practice their abilities. 
  • Strong activities led by the Educator (Scaffolding). 

Helping kids to become self-regulated students is at the core of the ZPD. 


The Waldorf theory, in light of ideas set forth by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, organizes “inspired learning” with a propensity of routine. Waldorf programs follow a steady day by day and week after week plan, with set days and times for explicit activities. This is because Waldorf believes the child flourishes in a rhythmical and predictable environment. 

Waldorf preschools likewise underscore play and innovativeness over strict scholastics, intending to nurture kids emotionally as well as mentally. To help children to proceed with this journey into life in a healthy manner, through an ever-deepening comprehension of the individual in body, soul, and spirit is the errand of the Waldorf youth teacher. With that in mind, kids in Waldorf programs regularly have similar educators for quite a while and through various grades. This empowers educators and students to bond over a more extended timeframe. 

Play-based Learning 

Gives chances to kids to effectively and creatively engage with individuals, objects, and the environment. As kids recreate experiences and institute new play possibilities, narrative and oral language aptitudes are developed. 

Building Different Intelligences

At the point when children can collaborate with various disciplines in various manners, they can experience the dynamism and intuitiveness of intelligence and the brain. Supporting and empowering adults upgrades this process prompting inquisitive kids to envision various possibilities in any situation and think of ideas that have value. At the point when inventiveness is embraced as much as literacy, mathematics, and other subjects, kids prosper. 

The Montessori approach 

Dr. Maria Montessori built up the key ideas to the Montessori approach in the mid-1900s which think about children’s sensitivity to language, movement, order, and sensory input at explicit formative stages. 

The Montessori approach is likewise connected with the expression “Prepared Environment” which encourages child-centered learning in an environment where Educators prepare materials and activities dependent on a kid’s interest and development. 

Picking a preschool is an individual choice that comes down to what in particular best suits your necessities and the requirements of your kid. It might help, however, to request referrals and advice from different parents you know and trust.

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