Wedding Dress: Rent vs. Buy

Every woman imagines walking down the aisle in the dress of her dreams, whether that’s a fairytale ball gown or a show-stopping a-line. However wedding dresses can be costly, and you most likely have a budget to stick to.

Wedding dresses aren’t cheap. Usually costing at least four figures or sometimes more, the cost of a gown sounds much more expensive when you think about that you’ll just be using it when in your life, unless you get innovative and use your dress again, naturally.

Some bridal boutiques offer this alternative in lieu of buying if you only want the dress for the wedding day. There are also plenty of hire wedding dresses online with a wide variety of styles to choose from. This generally works in the same way as any other online shopping experience– only you send the garment back after you’re done using it.

Buying a Wedding Dress

If you’ve constantly dreamt of the ideal dress and feel that it will hold a great deal of significance and nostalgia for you long after your wedding day comes to a close, you’re most likely favoring owning a dress. If that’s a custom you’d like to begin, you might even like to have the choice open to pass your gown on as an heirloom to your kid someday.

Something to bear in mind as you ponder is that during wedding preparation, a lot of things can feel far more important to you than they will end up seeking when the wedding event ends. Attempt to separate your true feelings from your wedding planning stress-induced feelings as much as possible.

Bridal gowns are made to order, so once you’ve chosen yours, the sales specialist will take your measurements and demand the closest fit from the designer. You’ll put down a deposit (normally half), then pay the rest when it ships to the hair salon or your home, without any returns. Some beauty parlors provide payment plans, while others may cut you an offer on your veil, accessories, or in-house alterations.


  • You might also wish to keep your wedding dress to pass it down to your child or a member of the family as their “something old” or “something obtained”. Your gown might become a household tradition; a sign of joy and love. Picture seeing your child, grandchild, and maybe even great-grandchild walk down the aisle in your gown– seeing them smile as you did on your wedding day.
  • It’s yours to do whatever you like as soon as you’ve bought a gown. You can change the dress so that it fits you completely or add design changes to develop a dress that’s entirely distinct. You don’t need to return your gown, so the alteration choices are limitless.
  • When purchasing a wedding dress, there are actually countless gowns for you to pick from. However if you choose wedding dress hire, your options will be more minimal. Regrettably, there are just not as numerous wedding dresses for hire as there are for purchase.


  • Buying a wedding dress means that after your special day, you need to discover a place to save it. You are required to keep it somewhere dry and safe if you want the material to stay looking new and beautiful. While you could simply hang it in your wardrobe, it’s better to keep it in a wedding dress preservation box.
  • Wedding dresses, specifically designer ones, can be rather pricey. As soon as, it’s a huge expense for a dress that you’ll likely just ever use. This is why great deals of brides decide to rent a bridal gown.
  • Once again, while your gown may be expensive, if you own yours, you have the option of leasing out your gown to other brides for a little charge, which might eventually pay off the expense of the dress.

Renting a Wedding Dress

  • One choice that’s ending up being a growing number of types is bridal gown hiring. Much like how the groom regularly chooses to rent a wedding event tuxedo instead of dropping a significant portion of money on a suit he’ll use once a year, it’s now a choice for brides-to-be to do the very same.
  • Leasing a bridal gown might save you cash and make dress shopping a breeze. Obviously, there are elements to consider prior to you make a decision about whether to rent your wedding dress.
  • Picking a gown for your wedding is rather the choice, with an endless selection of alternatives (for better or worse). One part of this process is settling on how you’ll acquire your wedding event dress. The buying versus renting argument is one many bride-to-be’s faces, with the obvious pro being the expense– naturally, a rental is significantly more affordable.


  • The biggest benefit of renting your wedding dress is that it keeps costs down. Renting a dress will be significantly cheaper than purchasing one brand new. If you have a caviar taste on a tuna fish budget, renting a dress might be a serious option to consider. Most dress hire places will stock the latest collections from a range of designers meaning you can get the hottest look for less.
  • You may think it just doesn’t seem right to shell out a lot of money for an item of clothing that’s going to get worn once, no matter how special the occasion. And you may not want to have to deal with the logistics of getting a wedding dress cleaned, preserved, and stored.
  • Dress rental saves the day if you need a dress quickly. If the wedding date is approaching and you have a minimal time left to shop for, order, and get your dream dress fitted before the big day, rentals have a much faster turnaround time.
  • It’s not just brides who rent. Grooms, attendants, parents, and wedding guests also may find renting formal attire to be a convenient move that saves money. No matter how convinced you are that your bridesmaids will definitely want to wear their dresses again, giving them the choice to rent or buy will be appreciated.

The bottom line is…

Renting a gown isn’t for everyone, but it can be a fantastic method to conserve cash, get a dress rapidly, and avoid the cost of preserving and saving a dress in the future.

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