iPhone 101: Incredibly Useful Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

Keep in mind when the iPhone was first released, 11 years earlier? We looked into its sleek, glass surface area. We saw the screen adjust as we rotated the phone in our hands. In an immediate, the Blackberry looked charming and old-fashioned. The smartphone era had actually shown up, and there was no reversing.

Siri Unread Messages Reminder

You can ask Siri to remind you about reading the text another time. Merely, ask Siri to let you understand to check out the message at a later time.

And, Siri will automatically alert you about the message after a while. Most of the messaging/communication-related apps like Mail, Messages, Safari, and Notes, etc. work with this function.

Tracks Your Area You’ve Been To

Your iPhone has actually tracked every place you’ve been at considering that you activated it. To see how weird your iPhone is, go to settings, personal privacy, location services, system services, and check out the “regular places” choice.

There’s a secret touchpad hiding in your keyboard. Depending upon your phone or tablet, there are a couple of methods to access it. On lots of more recent iPhones, you are required to push down on any essential, and you will see the keyboard end up being blank. Now, you can move your finger around, and the cursor will move with you.

Establish An Alternate Appearance For Face ID

If you have an iPhone that supports Face ID, then you probably take pleasure in the convenience of opening your gadget just by looking at it. With iOS 12, you can set your iPhone to recognize an alternate look.

Use The Keyboard As A Trackpad

It’s another neat and useful feature of the default keyboard of iOS. You can use the keyboard as a trackpad to move the cursor effectively.

You Can Close More Than One App At A Time

I found the app-closing treatment to be an irritating and time-consuming process when I upgraded to iOS7. 

No longer! Ends up you can close numerous apps at a time by swiping up with 2 or three fingers.

Snap Photos Throughout Recording Videos

This function is not that brand-new. Matter of truth, even if you have an iPhone 5, you can try this function. Here’s how- As soon as you are tape-recording a video on your iPhone, you will see a white button next to the record button.

This is the button to take pictures while you are recording a video. Tap on the white button as numerous times as you desire to take a still image

The screen will blink to confirm the operation once you tap on the button.

Offer Siri A Fresh Accent

We’re all familiar with the Siri assistant’s main voice, that of an American lady. You probably currently understood you could alter the gender, however you can also pick from a choice of different accents.

Customize The Brightness Level Of The Flashlight

You can also tweak the strength of the flashlight’s brightness on your iPhone

Tap and hold the flashlight icon on your iPhone.

In doing so, 3 alternatives such as ‘Bright Light’, ‘Medium Light’, and ‘Low Light’ will appear- Select the one you would like.

Siri Can Learn

When Siri informed me Siri knows too much for her own excellence, I had a good friend who. Well, turns out you have the ability to teach her a lot more. If she ever mispronounces a word, tell her, and she’ll give you a number of alternate pronunciations.Want to know more? Have a look at this website.

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