The Blacktown Baby Survey

Ultrasound Blacktown is a specialist ladies’ diagnostic ultrasound clinic for ladies of all ages, with a special emphasis on pregnancy scans. Our highly skilled team of an experienced sonographer/obstetiologist/pediatrician and an obstetrician/ultrarenergic ultrasound specialist, are dedicated to providing first class, reliable ultrasound scans of pregnant women for the safety of the unborn baby and the mother, for the sake of the woman’s health and to ensure the best possible outcome for her pregnancy. It is important to our clients that all ultrasound technicians are board certified in the safe management and use of ultrasound technology, and that we maintain a high standard of continuing education to ensure that all of our ultrasound technicians are fully qualified and competent in their respective fields.


There are many reasons why women may choose to have an ultrasound scan. Women who are pregnant will often have an ultrasound to identify possible problems such as ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or other reproductive problems. Women who have a positive pregnancy test may also have an ultrasound to monitor their baby’s heart rate and measure the size of their babies after birth. A woman may also have an ultrasound to locate any possible congenital abnormalities, such as cleft lip palate, and/or unusual ear structure and size, to help determine the correct course of medical treatment, if necessary.


Although ultrasound technology is relatively new, the impact it has had on society cannot be overlooked. With many successful cases of pregnancy outcomes proving the viability of ultrasound technology, and the increasing numbers of births being recorded as successful, there is little doubt that ultrasound is quickly becoming a part of everyday life. Due to its safe, non-invasive nature, ultrasound technology is fast replacing surgical procedures in the medical field. There is even a facility in California dedicated to the training of ultrasound technicians and doctors, in the town of Blacktown.

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