Reasons Why Male Stripper Is Common

There is no doubt that male stripper Melbourne has been on the rise. No matter where you live, you probably know of a couple of clubs or bars that hold regular male strip nights. If not, here are 8 reasons why it’s popular and common:

topless man standing near bush

1. For Ladies’ Night Out

    Ladies night out can be fun but often – particularly in some parts of the country – its patrons don’t get to drink for free and go home with a buzz as their single friends do. So ladies crowd into an establishment with discounted prices specifically to have a few drinks, dance, maybe meet someone new…and look at hot guys! Some gals will admit they’re thinking about how sexy the men are when they plan their outfits for these events.

2. The Practical Aspect

    There’s a certain practicality to having male strippers rather than females. Alcohol tends to lower inhibitions, and even women who would never consider doing anything with a female dancer might be persuaded by one of the opposite sex. This is not for everyone, but it’s something to think about if you’re hosting a ladies’ night at your establishment or venue.

3. No Competition, More Fun

     If you plan an event where both male and female dancers are available – which may make sense in some situations – having only male strippers can ease the often tense competition that takes place between men and women over these women’s attention. Since heterosexuals traditionally have been socialized to find women more important than men, it can be a relief to all involved if the women aren’t expected to spend as much time as they might otherwise on picking up guys.

4. Men Are More Fun For Women Who Like Men

     This will not be true for every woman, but if you’re one of those who prefers the company of men to that of women there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy having a male dancer at your private party or event. Heterosexual women often find bisexual and gay men more warmly inviting and “human” than straight women do – an observation supported by research that shows lesbians tend to respect other lesbians less even as they expect greater support from them.

In addition, heterosexuals sometimes worry about being judged based on their sexual orientation and avoid socializing with other straight people because of this, but male dancers mean your guests won’t have to worry about this.

5. Ease Of The Gaze (Whether You Have A Room Or Not)

     If you’re throwing a party that requires guests to gather in one room whether you’ve got a space for dancing or not – such as a house party when your parents are out of town – having male strippers certainly makes the entertainment much easier when it comes time for guests of both sexes to look. It’s always difficult enough getting women into one spot of the room without having to worry about men drifting over toward them and interrupting the party to try and meet them. Having a male dancer can help control that issue.

6. Less Competition For Him

     Another benefit of throwing your ladies’ night out with only male dancers is that you’re not asking female guests to compete for his attention as they would if women dancers were performing, too. This saves them time, trouble, and extra money for taxi fares to go home alone if they don’t cut.

7. More Excitement For Both Sexes

     A big reason why people hire male dancers is that it’s simply more exciting! Unless you’re planning an event that will be filled with men who are aroused by female nudity only, a male dancer is more likely to provide an exciting experience for everyone present.

8. His Job Is Easier

     Male dancers have it easier than female dancers in many ways, and this makes them desirable for private events too. Although the weight of being the centre of attention can be off-putting at first, once he’s accustomed to it he’ll be more relaxed and comfortable in his skin than women usually are when they take to the stage. This can translate to a better show for guests and makes him much less likely to feel self-conscious getting naked in front of them.

     It’s unlikely this article will convince every single person in the world why male strippers are a better choice than female dancers, but hopefully, it will help those who think men and women are actually different and not just “equal except for their genitals” to understand why it can be beneficial to hire male strippers so long as you can see your way clear to entertain the idea. It’s no more condescending than hiring either – it’s just a choice, and one that’s widely made because it’s considered to be the most often appropriate.

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