Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Eyebrow

The eyebrow forms the bridge between your eyes and face. Well-groomed brows give you an instant facelift. And they can also turn a so-so makeup into an extraordinary masterpiece, or complete your already stunning look!

Whether you want to keep them looking natural or beautifully shaped, maintaining amazing eyebrows doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Keep reading for some easy-to-follow tips on how to get great brows every day of the week!

1. Brush & Pluck

First of all, you need an eye makeup remover (or any other gentle cleaning product) and a plucking/brush set (such as this one). Before each pluck, place two fingers on either side of the eyebrow hair you’re about to pluck, between the hair and the skin. This will help you know how far to go!

Then, take a pair of tweezers that are slanted for your convenience. Pluck one hair at a time in the direction it is growing by pulling firmly but gently away from your face.

four black make-up brushes

2. Eyebrow pencil or powder? 

For those who want to fill in some sparse areas but do not have enough time for eyedrops, an eyebrow pencil can be used as a quick fix before leaving home. Choose a colour that matches your brows and simply fill them in with short lines following their natural shape and thickness.

If you find this technique too dramatic, you can go for powder instead. For a more natural effect, choose two colours that are slightly lighter than your brows and mix them in the palm of your hand before applying.

3. Curl those lashes 

Usually, we think about our lashes when we curl our eyelashes, but most times we forget about our eyebrows! They can be easily lifted and shaped with an eyebrow curler. This small beauty tool will help give your face a lift and make your eyes appear bigger and brighter too.

It’s best to use this when you’re finished doing everything else (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara ) so that they don’t get messed up. Avoid using the curler more than twice a week, otherwise, you risk over-tweezing and damaging your brows.

4. Know when to let go of them 

Don’t be afraid to remove some hairs that stand out and that doesn’t fit with the rest of the shape of your eyebrow! You won’t look funny or weird by doing so; in fact, it will only enhance your beautiful features! So next time you’re at home with nothing better to do…pluck away!

5. Trim them regularly 

If you have long eyebrows, simply trimming them might leave you looking like an alien from Mars, especially if they’re too thin and sparse. So you might need to do some more heavy-duty plucking and trimming. Also, make sure the new growth doesn’t get out of hand or too thick by trimming them once or twice a month.

6. Fill in thin eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil 

If your eyebrows are blonde, too light for your hair colour, you can use an eyebrow pencil (like this one) that’s two shades darker than your hair colour instead of using the usual eyebrow powder that matches your hair colour perfectly. You can also use brown mascara if you want to avoid applying makeup every day!

7. Use an anti-redness cream 

For redness around the eyes because of irritation, use cold teabags as eye compresses. Simply tear up a tea bag and place it on your eyes for 10 minutes. It’s good to know that such products as anti-redness creams also help reduce redness around the eye area by constricting dilated capillaries.

8. Don’t overpluck! 

Overplucking is one of those beauty blunders that can’t be undone, so beware! The thicker your eyebrows are, the more you should avoid overplucking them because their shape changes and becomes odd and not very flattering. But…if you must do something about them, use a brow gel to at least keep them in place if their shape has gone funky due to too much plucking!

9. Use remover before clipping 

Your eyebrows should not be too short or uneven, so if you notice stray hairs when clipping them, use an eye makeup remover (like this one) before clipping to get rid of the excess hair. This will also help prevent ingrown hairs and inflammation! 

10. Use a cotton swab for stray eyebrow hairs 

It’s not easy to pluck individual eyebrow hairs that are growing in different directions because they’re usually very small and thin. Using a toothpick (or any other pointy object like a needle) is time-consuming and it can sometimes make matters worse by irritating your skin.

But…don’t despair! Just apply some lotion on the area with the annoying hair, wait until it absorbs completely, then use a cotton swab (or cotton bud, if you’re in the UK) to tweeze it out.

Eyebrows are one of those beautiful features that require a lot of care and attention! But…it’s not impossible, so don’t give up! If you want to learn more about how to get perfect eyebrows, check these different eyebrow techniques.

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