Flower Crown: Steps and Ideas

If you’re having a sunny day and there’s a flower in sight, then you’re ready for this cute and easy project! A flower crown is a perfect way to add cuteness to simple outfits. You can make one out of any kind of small flowers such as daisies or buttercups (which smell amazing when you put it on!). This article will tell you how.

First, get your materials! Here’s what you’ll need:

-A few flowers: size doesn’t matter, but pick ones that are all around about the same height

-Floral wire (I prefer 18 gauge wire)

-Scissors/Wire cutters

-Hobby pliers (NOT necessary but recommended)

-Leafy vines (also optional)

Steps In Making A Flower Crown

1. Put on some music and pick out your favourite flowers! If you want to add leaves or vines, now is the time to do that too. You can use anything green that isn’t poisonous for this purpose.

2. Cut the stems of all of your flowers off about an inch above the bottom-most part where it was attached to the plant. Using hobby pliers can make stripping the sharp edges off of these cut stems much easier. Don’t worry if there are still little bits of stem leftover–just be sure not to get them in your crown!

3. Arrange your flowers into whatever pattern you’d like them in, leaving enough room to twist the wire around them.

4. Put your flowers into a crown base! Your crown can be any sort of circular shape that you’d like, but I prefer Solomons bars for their sturdiness. Once you have your crown shape, put one end of your floral wire through it and twist it on the other side so the two ends are facing opposite directions.

This will make both sides even–if they’re not, then try again until they are! Make sure none of the stems is poking out too far past where you twisted them or else they’ll mess up whatever clothes you’re wearing underneath it.

Once all of your flowers are in place and looking adorable, use a long piece of the floral wire to twist them all together in one spot. This will add a little bit of durability and make everything look uniform!

Now, find the side where your flowers aren’t quite as tightly twisted together. Gently pull out one or two flowers from there until they have enough room to fit around your head comfortably. Cut a long piece of your 18 gauge wire and gently weave it through most of the section where you took the flower(s) out from.

Then tie a tight knot on both sides with that same long piece of wire at each end–this is going to be what you wear around your head, so make sure it fits well!

5. Make sure wires are poking through by tugging on the crown. If they are, then you’re all done! If not, use your hobby pliers to rearrange some of the flowers to make sure everything fits comfortably around your head.

Congratulations! You now have a beautiful flower crown that you can wear for special occasions or every day–they’re very versatile! Now go out and enjoy being pretty in nature!

So, your best friend’s wedding is coming up and you want to get in on the bridal party fun?

Here are some ideas for flower crowns!

First off, A good idea for making a flower crown is to use floral wire. If the flowers are anchored properly they may last all day! Also, you can shape them however you would like, though it would be more difficult if using real flowers.

You could go with silk or paper flowers- either way will look beautiful! You can use any colour fabric too- pick what matches your dress/shoes/personality! Another option is tulle, which you can find at most fabric stores. The great thing about these types of flower crowns is that they are usually lightweight- which means you can wear them for a long time! 

You might be wondering if the bride and groom will find these appropriate? If they want to stay classy, I would go with paper flowers- no one has to worry about watering them and they’ll last forever (if put together well). If they don’t quite care and it’s a more casual wedding, go with silk/tulle- maybe even get wild and add some colour!

Here are some other ideas for bridal party flower crowns: 

You could weave ribbons into a wreath shape or if that’s too difficult work with what you have by just adding in flower clips, making a fabric headband and attaching flowers with fabric glue or hot glue.

If you’re not into the whole flower crown thing, there are other options: Bows- just take ribbons and tie them in a knot and add a bow to the top of your head. Headbands- take what colours match your dress and add clips in whatever shape or style suits your personality.

You could even attach flowers to this! Braids- if done right, braiding back your hair will be completely hidden when you add in some cute little ribbon braids! If making a thicker braid (a French braid) consider using invisible thread so it’s not visible when moving around/ dancing.etc.

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