Free Christmas Nativity movie showing in UK cinemas

Free Christmas Nativity movie showing in UK cinemas
Nov 2022

Free Christmas Nativity movie showing in UK cinemas


A Christian charity is offering thousands of free tickets to see a movie about the Nativity this Christmas.
Why the Nativity? has been produced by Turning Point Ministries and will be showing in over 100 Cineworld cinemas across the UK on 3 December.
The movie takes audiences through the key points of the Christmas story from the Old Testament prophecies to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.
Turning Point said it wanted to bring the Nativity story to life "particularly for the growing number of people across the UK who have little or no understanding of why Christmas is celebrated at all".
"Why the Nativity? is a compelling, historical presentation with stunning visual dramatics that follows the unforgettable journey of the first Christmas story," it said.
"The film transports the audience back in time to experience the sights and sounds of the first Christmas.
"Audiences will enjoy a front-row seat to the Nativity story as they witness the Old Testament prophets foretelling the birth of Jesus, Gabriel appearing to Mary, Joseph and Mary traveling to Bethlehem, angels appearing to shepherds, the star guiding the Wise Men from the East, and baby Jesus lying in a manger in a humble stable in Bethlehem."
A local church leader said: "This is such an exciting opportunity for families in the local community to come together to start their Christmas celebrations.
"Going to the cinema can be out of reach for many families because of pressure on family budgets so the fact that this is free makes it really appealing."
Individuals and church groups can book their FREE tickets at whythenativity.co.uk or by calling 0800 058 2856.